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Stretch, Release and Restore Muscle Health

Everyone Loves The OptiRoller

High Perfomance Athletes, Working Professionals, Teachers, Pregnant Ladies, and Stay at Mothers all love The OptiRoller

HIGHPerformance Athletes love it
  • Recuperate Faster
  • Eliminate Pain from sports injuries
  • Helps Keep your body in top physical form
  • Reduce down time by healing your injury
  • Take care of your injuries and body
  • You can use it before and after event
LADIESWho are pregnant love it
  • Relieve pain from physical labor or injury
  • Easy, relaxing exercises
  • Relieve back pain through stretching, releasing and restoring length in pelvis & low back
  • Helps relax the central nervous system
  • Feel freedom to move without pain
PeopleLooking to relieve pain love it
  • Even old injuries can be fixed
  • Easy and very simple to use
  • Feel 10 years younger naturally (No surgery or drugs)
  • Target the pressure points where the pain originates
  • Have an effective tool to alleviate aches & pains

Why Choose The OptiRoller?

With Proven Results, Clients Coming From All Walks Of life, To Finally Finding Relief From Pain Its Hard Not To
Use The OptiRoller

The OptiRoller Works

You will love how The Optiroller gets your pressure spots. It is specifically designed to contour to your spine to help alleviate your pain at the source. You will find The Optiroller to be light, strong, & compact to help stretch and elongate your spine from the neck to your lower back. It uses the weight of your body to help get to the problem area.You will find that you can actually breath better afterwards. Find out why CEO’s, serious athletes, ladies going through pregnancy and moms love the OptiRoller.


Be Happier and Healthy No Matter How Long You’ve Had Your Injury

If your body feels great, you can enjoy life. When your body is in constant pain, even slight movements feel like daggers. You don’t have to live like this. From young athletes, to seniors,  eliminate the pain and gain back healthy body movements and freedom.

Be Happy, stay mobile and enjoy a pain free life.

Be More Active

As you get older it gets harder to move. Everything starts to hurt. Maybe you had an injury when you were younger or recently. The OptiRoller can help relieve your pain points and help keep you stay active.

If you are an athlete you can reduce your injuries by adding the OptiRoller into your before and after training. It will help eliminate soreness after your workouts. Stay in the game by having a secret weapon, The OptiRoller.  You can help keep the downtime to an absolute minimum. Get back in the game within a few days rather than suffering pain and damaging your body even more.


Heal Different Areas of Your Body

Whether you feel pain in your back, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, or knees The OptiRoller can help you focus on the specific area that causing you pain. It would be just a matter of choosing the area you’re having problems with.

Quick, Fast & Easy Steps

By following along with the tutorial, you will learn how to correctly use The OptiRoller. You will be able to focus on your problem areas and have the right tool to do it. With only 10 minutes of using The OptiRoller, your body will feel a positive difference.

Even after a few sessions, you will feel your body in total relaxation and most important start to relieve your pain in your body.


Save Money

By healing your own pain in your body and staying fit you won’t have to visit doctors, massage therapists, or chiropractors so often. Make a solid investment in The OptiRoller. With only a few minutes of using it daily you will ask why haven’t you tried this before. Its well worth the money.

Absolutely Nothing To Loose, Just The Pain. You Can Start Feeling Better Today

We believe in providing real value to our customers. In providing real ways to help eliminate or at the very least alleviate pain from your body.

With over 30 years of experience, hundreds of satisfied clients from all walks of life, and our 60 day money back guarantee there is nothing to loose but the pain your are suffering right now.


Find Out What The OptiRoller Will Do For You

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Althought we have have made the product as effective as possible, The Opti Roller is not meant to provide medical care or treatment of any medical condition beyond the abilities of those that view it and use the tool. Cyndi Boyd makes no warranties expressed or implied about the material contained in the videos and shall not be subject to liability for its content.